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uBeacon Mesh, the next-generation beacon

uBeacon is the ubudu-designed BLE beacon, which broadcasts a signal every 100ms or so, in a range up to roughly 50m. uBeacon is compatible with Apple iBeacon specification, and can be flexed to use other signal advertising standards for maximum efficiency, while focusing on keeping deployment and maintenance efforts as low as possible.

uBeacon Mesh is the newest version of uBeacon, standing out via its Mesh capability, enabling it to pass information between smartphones and servers without using other data connectivity (such as WiFi or 3G).


Join the Mesh revolution!

ubudu's mesh technology enables regular mobile devices (like smartphones, tablets) to exchange messages with devices which are not in direct proximity and would not be able to connect otherwise.

Contextual Interaction Rules

The most commun use for iBeacon technology. But ubudu goes one step further, by providing a full contextual interaction rules platform, for marketers to trigger the right message or service to the person & context : premium service, content, promotion, etc. In the right format : push/pull/delayed/invisible. 

Indoor Location

Indoor Location provides a solution for mobile devices to estimate their position within an indoor venue. The position is computed in real time and then referenced to the map of the venue. The computation is based on the signal broadcasts received from beacons placed inside the venue. Users create their maps in the ubudu Manager and attach it to a particular venue.

Detailed product specifications 

uBeacon v2.0 is based on BC118 module with CSR1010 chip inside.

Technical specifications

  • Size: 72x39x18 mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • Operating temperature: -20°C-65°C
  • Battery temperature: -10-60°C when working, 0-45°C when charging, optional upgrade to -20-60°C batteries available
  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth 4.1 compatible low energy radio
  • Built in antenna
  • Transmit power configurable -18dBm up to +8dBm
  • TX peak current: 13.5mA
  • Sleep current: max 3.4µA
  • UART protocol for interfacing with PC's and other devices
  • Mesh communication between beacons
  • Advertising scheduling for power saving
  • Micro-USB battery charging
  • ABS Plastic casing (white, other colors available)
  • CE, FCC & IC certification
  • uBeacon SDK for Android and SDK (on Github)
  • Made in EU

Pack Content

  • 3 uBeacon Mesh devices
  • Charger (EU or US plug available)
  • 1 UART cable
  • Developer account for ubudu Manager platform (SDK, CMS)
  • 2-year warranty
  • Wall attachment kit

Designed for large-scale deployments

World-class beacons when it comes to autonomy, security or maintenance. Which is what you require from beacons: never have to worry about them once set up.

Power-savvy beacons

1 year of battery autonomy at maximum transmission power (+3dBm) and 100ms advertsing interval thanks to high capacity and smart energy management features

  •  High quality 1500 mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery
  •  On-off button
  •  Programmable ultra-low consumption clock to schedule advertising (e.g. sleep at nights and days of closing)
  •  Universal micro-USB port allows for to recharge them easily or leave them plugged (cable and charger provided)
  •  Battery monitoring service which triggers alerts below a given threshold, and switches to energy-saving mode
  •  Up to 3-year autonomy at lower advertising frequency / power

Security at all levels

uBeacon devices features both hardware and software unique security features

  •  Physical access (button) to the device is required in order to connect to the settings
  •  Secure login is required in order to connect to the settings via only the authorized mobile app
  •  Beacon advertising data can be encrypted and rotated over time using a time-based and private key algorithm (can be used only when uBeacon contextual platform mobile SDKs are used)

Ready out-of-box yet fully configurable beacons

Fully manageable through free provided application, with upgrades.

  •  Provided mobile app to fine tune calibration and easily set and manage configuration values
  •  Automated deployment mechanism using uBeacon back-office with centrally pre-configured values
  •  Easy maintenance thanks to central fleet management, and alert mechanisms
  •  Firmware updatable over the air via Bluetooth LE
  •  Evolutive : full Bluetooth LE stack for machine-to-machine communication; micro-USB port also usable for machine-to-machine communication and for future extensions
  •  Wall attachment kit provided (screw for permanent, velcro for temporary installations)

Also an end-to-end mobile interaction platform

The web-based back-office for managing all things ubudu-related:

  • Fleet management, to deploy and maintain beacon infrastructure across locations
  • Contextual rules management, to orchestrate micro-local interactcion
  • Analytics, to monitor traffic patterns and rules effectiveness
  • Mesh networking, to live-upload (and soon, download) customer information
  • Indoor positioning, to provide accurate indoor position & navigation services