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uBeacon Mesh


uBeacon Mesh extends the notion of beacons, by sharing proximity information with smartphones of course, but also by enabling those to upload business-critical information in real-time to servers. Even when there's no 3G or WiFi, such as in many retail locations and stadiums for instance.

ubudu designed uBeacon Mesh in order to help retailers and other businesses to:
- Communicate in-store with customers, without the scarce cellular or wifi signal availability
- Operate a distributed fleet of beacons, without the need for costly on-site maintenance

The package contains:

- 3 uBeacon Mesh devices
- 1 USB cable & charger
- 1 attachment kit
- 1 USB-UART cable (for communication with gateway)

    Note that in some scenarios you may want to have each uBeacon Mesh attached to a network via USB-UART cable. That's why we added those cables as additional items in our shop.

    What should you do after you receive your package (or while you wait)? Learn more about Mesh capabilities and configuration on ubudu's Knowledge Base.